It’s Time to Get Rid of those Excess Kilos and

Endless Exhaustion for GOOD!



                                        Thyroid success stories 

Louise has devised a really comprehensive, easy to follow thyroid recovery programme. My stumbling block has always been what to eat and when. Louise has produced a menu plans and provided the recipes for real food that’s easy to prepare as well as delicious.

There are also mindfulness exercises and physical exercises to accompany the food. So, the whole body is gently detoxed and nourished. I highly recommend this thyroid programme for anyone interested in improving their health.

Anne B

After searching for someone to help me with my fatigue and weight issues, I came across Louise.  In December when I joined thyroid recovery; my waist measured 108cm and now in April it is 87cm, my uniform is now so loose I have to wear a belt to work.

She has been my life saver. She is really passionate about helping people get well, and very knowledgeable. If you are struggling with your weight energy or hormones, I totally recommend Louise.

Michelle P

It’s Time to Get Rid of those Excess Kilos and Endless Exhaustion for GOOD!

Today is 1st July 2021 and it’s the moment you have been waiting for all your life.

You have watched, absorbed & implemented Thyroid Recovery the natural way, have more energy than ever and released all those unwanted kilos

You feel lighter, more confidant, you feel like you can take on the world.

These days you spend more time laughing with your family, self-care is no longer a selfish word but one that supports you on every level. Keeping up with the kids (and or grandkids!) is a breeze and you’re having fun and enjoying life EVERY DAY.

You no longer stress over every little worry, in fact impromptu weekends away are now your thing.

Imagine this day with me…

Waking in the morning and getting out of bed feeling refreshed, you sip your coffee and beam at your reflection… you truly are living your best life!

You are a woman who says No to excuses, problems and worry.

A beautiful woman who is winning at this game of life.

This is possible for you. 

There is a way to create this day, this life, this existence.

From a woman with thyroid issues, who has been exactly in your shoes, I have developed Thyroid Recovery just for you.

This is a natural way to balance your health, your hormones and your thyroid.

You Can and Will get freedom from fatigue and release the kilos in as little as 6 weeks even if nothing has helped you in the past.

NOW is the time for YOU

This is your chance

The choice is yours to make

Does this sound familiar?

  • You dread waking up in the morning because you always feel ‘blah’?
  • You wind down with wine, wake up with coffee and it feels like a never ending cycle?
  • You don’t like having your photo taken and if you do you hide behind others?
  • You know that you probably don’t eat the ‘healthiest’ but you just want a quick fix?
  • You hit 3pm and need a coffee or sugar hit to get you through the afternoon?
  • You’re not comfortable being undressed, even in front of your partner?
  • Your sexual desire is long gone…

Thyroid Recovery will help you:

  • Stop sleeping your way through life so you can go out with your friends
  • Have the desire to be intimate with your spouse
  • Finally be able to lose those extra kilos of thyroid weight
  • G energy, without having to rely on caffeine, and chocolate to make it through the day (one coffee is great, three coffees is a bit of a problem!)
  • Learn the secret sauce to finally feel like yourself, confident and SEXY, with or without clothes on  😉
  • Cook delicious meals that the whole family will love

Did you know you DON’T need to go on restrictive diets and spend hours in the gym every single week to have the motivation and energy to live your life again?

Is it time for you to…

Reclaim your mental and physical wellbeing?

Enjoy a life filled with energy, vitality, and strength?

Get rid of overwhelm, exhaustion, and mental strain?

Shed the extra weight in a safe and healthy way?

You can experience a life free of constant illnesses, colds, and allergies.

Hi, I am Louise, a Hashimoto’s Super Mum

I have lived with Hashimoto’s all of my adult life, I have had the deep lows of fatigue so bad I was falling over my own feet, and the highs of remission and feeling great.

I am super passionate about sharing my knowledge on, nourishing and nurturing your Thyroid to women of all ages to help yo learn and understand there is light at the end of the tunnel, and finding the right balance for you.

I have been supporting, inspiring, leading, teaching, and empowering women since I was in my 20’s, that’s almost 3 decades!
I have chosen to make it my profession and as a naturopath, kinesiologist, and coach, to turn an act of serving that fills my heart and soul into a business that supports all of me.

I choose to share those 3 decades of knowledge and skills obtained from study, exceptional mentors, teachers, and educators along the way with some challenging life experiences, with women with Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism who are ready to take their lives and healing to the next level.

Welcome to the new you.

The 6 week Thyroid Recovery Program

Most people who join this program are worried that it sounds too good to be true. They’re worried that there are a lot of pills and powders involved.

Here’s the thing, this program is all about rebuilding your health through nutrition, knowing the best foods to eat to support all aspects of thyroid health and guidance through the challenges that your mind has to doing this for yourself.

(It’s well known that the mind doesn’t like change, so helping your mindset is a huge benefit of being part of this program with me. While your brain might try and go back to old habits, I bring all of my experience to the course so that you don’t have to do this alone. Together we are stronger.)

I’ve created the Thyroid Recovery program specifically to help you reset your thyroid. This will allow your body the opportunity to heal from years of damage.  You will have the best resources for learning, recipes for healing, nourishing foods, plus guides, support and advice along your journey to health and happiness.

The 30-Day Thyroid Recovery Program comes with everything you need to successfully reclaim your health. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Week 1 & 2 : The Hormone Reset Guide will guide you to better understand how to achieve better hormonal balance.
  • Week 3 & 4: The Hormone Mindset will provide the pathway to renew your mindset to achieve full health.
  • Stress management Guides: These four guides created for women specifically navigating thyroid issues, will support you with daily changes, mindfulness, stress, and so much more along your journey during the program and beyond.
  • Delicious Recipe Guides – Enjoy delicious recipes that follow that support thyroid health. Thyroid experts agree that the Paleo eating plan is best for healing, so you are getting the most flavorful, nutritious grain- and bean-free recipes to nourish your body and leave you feeling satisfied. There are both vegan AND omnivore guides available.
  • Meal Planners and Shopping Lists – Many of the women who take part in my programs are working and managing a household. These resources will make meal planning and grocery shopping hassle-free! Suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks are included in this helpful resource!
  • Food Diary – Keep track of not only what you eat, but how you are feeling on your recovery journey. Plus, this is a great way to determine how your body reacts to certain foods and explore your bio-individuality! If you’ve ever wondered if you’re triggered by certain foods, this will help you find out AND get my feedback in the group
  • Naturopathic Support – Unlike some other help programs and apps, I’ll be your guide every step of the way. You’ll get access to our private Facebook group, where you can talk with other program participants, get feedback, share your stories and get all the support you need.

Sign up now!

USUALLY $997.00
NOW ONLY $597.00

Or 4 easy payments $150.00 over 4 weeks


  • Naturopathic Yoga for your Thyroid Valued @ $300.00
  • eBook Mindful meditation value $7.00
  • eBook Kick sugar $7.00
  • eBook 30 Hormone smoothies Valued $20.00
  • Handouts and bonus videos Valued at $160.00

Upgrade to VIP Program

USUALLY $1100.00
NOW ONLY $897.00

Or 6 easy payments $150.00 over 6 weeks


All the essential benefits of my thyroid recovery program

  • 3 online coaching sessions with Louise
  • Personalised blood test interpretation
  • Personalised additional testing options and recommendation
  • Unlimited priority email support
  • Personalised supplement and lifestyle advice

Happy thyroid recovery members

Louise’s online thyroid recovery course is easy to follow, with lots of reading material with heaps of videos as well. I would (& have) highly recommend her services both online and her individual consultations. With Louise’s support and guidance, I am feeling the best me I have in a long time.

Rita T

I was so pleased to lose weight, I never knew I had hashimoto’s until I worked with Louise, she genuinely cared about how I was and listed to all my silly questions, even though she told me no question was silly. I learnt new recipes that I now love and are a staple at home for the family. It was good to know that Louise has been on this journey as well.