Thyroid Hair Loss Solutions even when taking carbimazole & thyroxine

Hair loss is a common symptom of thyroid dysfunction and affects both men and women. In fact, hair loss is often one of the first signs of thyroid disease.

What can affect healthy hair?

Did you know the very medication you are taking for thyroid disorders, can be leading to your hair loss!

Medications like levothyroxine, neomercazol, and carbimazole lead to hair loss and can damage hair. Poor nutrient absorption as in impaired gut health (digestive health ), nutrient deficiencies, stress, high antibodies TPO, TG, TSI, Trab, and hormone levels in pregnancy and peri/ menopause.

Hair loss is also a normal part of life, our hair has a life cycle of its own, but when coupled with Hypo or Hyperthyroid and/ or Hashimoto’s or Graves, there is a greater loss of hair. Some days it will feel and look like handfuls of hair falling out everywhere you look.

All is not lost, though it does take time to restore your beautiful locks of hair.

These are my top tips to look at for improving thyroid and hair health

1. Bringing your thyroid health back into balance, this includes your TSH and T4, T3, followed by antibody levels. Although antibody reduction alone can help with hair growth.

2. Managing your stress levels and restoring balance to emotions- achieving balance and harmony. This can look like meditation, belly breathing, yoga, walking, pilates etc.

3. Gut health – this one is super important as this is where all our nutrients get absorbed. Ditching Gluten and dairy and eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables daily.

4. Supporting nutrients for hair and thyroid health:

examples: essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, zinc and iron, having the following nutrients checked first before supplementing; Iron studies not just ferritin, iodine, and selenium.

A comprehensive profile can be purchased through the clinic as part of your naturopathic appointment.

 5. Working on your emotional health.

Using RAW energies to balance the masculine and feminine sides of your being.

Look at specific stress patterns held in the skull and thyroid hair loss, did you know that the hair can hold different emotions (the root of the hair is a current issue while the ends of the hair are older issues.

The overall health of your thyroid is important for all aspects of your health and well-being. Additionally, once thyroid levels and or antibodies are brought back into balance for your body, hair growth can resume.

You can book a Naturopathic consultation, or a Thyroid and hormone package here at Discover the Power of Touch, either online via our booking portal or by contacting the clinic at 0416284893.

Lou xx