The throat chakra, communication, and your thyroid

With all the things going on around us over the last couple of years and the breakdown of communication, for everyone, I have really noticed that most people have lost the art of communicating, with text messages and emojis being the way communication is heading. I have fallen over with this one and had to download the emoji dictionary to understand what was being said as I was getting it seriously wrong.

We need to foster a strong sense of communication again, really learn how to speak from the heart, with kindness to yourself, and with kindness to others, even if you don’t agree.
When working with my lovely thyroid women I have noticed that communication is very centered around doing everything for others and not listening to their own needs and wants (I was like this).
Starting to note down and or journal what and how you would like to feel; loved, special, and what kindness to themselves means, helps us to get back in tune with ourselves once again.
When thinking of communication issues at a spiritual level it can become noticeable that all ailments start with an underlying energetic weakness, whether that be genetic, ancestral, or karmic.

The throat chakra is in the center of your throat and governs not only your thyroid but how we communicate to our innermost self and to the world around us. As most women with thyroid issues and I am included in this, is the difficulty with communication, with saying NO, even when most of the time you are saying yes even if it hurts you.
Our throat chakra (voice) also has a big connection to our heart/ heart chakra(emotions) and to our heads(thinking) and so often there is a disconnection between these three especially to our heart and emotions. This can be from past trauma, fear of speaking up for oneself, fear of the consequences, walking on eggshells, feeling unsafe…
This disconnection can cause us to overthink over worry, create anxiety, and even feelings of depression.

Using the colour blue (great communication colour) as our throat chakra is blue, can help open and strengthen our communication center, and help you to be guided by your inner wisdom and intuition AKA spidey sense.
What can you wear today that is blue to support and nurture your communication with yourself?
Also, journaling is a great way to get those thoughts out of your head onto paper, read them out loud to yourself to see if that changes the meaning for you.
Would you like support or guidance, then let me know send an email, or book a free discovery call.

Louise xxx