The Hypothyroid Mum

The hypothyroid mum, or should I say running on empty, Does this sound like you too…..

This is how I used to feel, always on the go and unable to stop, the pressure I had on myself was more than anyone every could put on me, I had to do it all and sometimes I still do. I am learning to delegate but it can be difficult to let go of the reigns.

I was always looking after others and didn’t realise I was putting myself last, I felt guilty if I did something for myself and this just made my anxiety worse.

I am a self-proclaimed control freak eek I said that out loud and a perfectionist oh boy what a combo can you tell now why my needs came last and I burnt myself out, unfortunately, quite a few times…… I am a slow learner.

I hated conflict and I still do but I am learning to find my voice, I have done a lot of self-work to be able to stand up for myself and not get walked over no wonder my Thyroid wasn’t very happy she hadn’t been happy for a very long time. I kept missing all the signals she was sending me.

My journey has been a long one as I said a very slow learner sometimes, I miscarried 3 times, I have EDS well hello there stretchy ligaments, allergies, anaphylaxis and food sensitives like you wouldn’t believe. At one stage I was down to 4 foods I could eat, yes you heard correctly 4 and be stuffed I often wondered why I was here hmm and that didn’t go so well either.

 I did everything I could think of to heal my body, and yuck some of the stuff I drank was disgusting!!!!!  The doctors kept saying there was nothing wrong with me, often they would say I had idiopathic autoimmune…. gee what did that mean, duh they had no clue what my body was saying either L

The more I studied in human development, massage, kinesiology, spiritual practices, and naturopathy then functional medicine I could see my poor thyroid crying out to me, and I finally woke up so to say and started my thyroid healing journey. I won’t say it’s easy as it isn’t, but I made a promise to myself that I would get better and I did, my antibody levels dropped and I started to have more energy J lol and what do you think I did …I pushed myself again oh boy slow learner.

It’s been a long time coming and some days it’s tough, this year alone I had two flares as I was renovating my new clinic, (all those toxins I had spent years getting out of my body was now overwhelming it again) you know so tired walking upstairs is exhausting even brushing my teeth was fatiguing, let alone washing my hair.

So back on the bandwagon and looking after myself again, the clinic has a sauna now so that is helping, really working on my nutrition and cleansing – I love lymFATic cleaning it has made such a difference and woohoo I am on top of my chronic pain.

 I love what I do and so want to help my autoimmune thyroid mums get to where I am today. It takes a combination of nutrition, cleansing/detoxing, emotional and spiritual healing, movement, self-care, and good quality sleep and a couple of other bits n pieces but you can get there just like I did I know you can.