ReSet your Hormones

& nurture your thyroid


Tired of feeling  fat ,frumpy, frustrated and fatigued  (tired) all the time? Had enough of no-one understanding how you feel every day? That they just don’t get you are tired enough to cry… Sick of everyone telling you that you’re lazy, that you should just go and do things? Had enough of looking at food and gaining weight? I hear you say, ‘I want to fit into my old pair of jeans/dress’. I just don’t know what to cook or eat anymore, it is all so hard, and I’m tired even thinking about it.

“I just want to feel like the old me, and do the things I used to.”

This is what I hear in clinic on a daily basis – I can help you envision who you to be who want to be. When I found out I had a thyroid disease, I found out it wasn’t just me, I wasn’t crazy, or losing my mind, there was a reason that I lost words, and couldn’t remember things…

What you can expect

  • The opportunity to invest in you as you are worth it
  • Freedom from fatigue (exhaustion)
  • No more feeling frumpy and can wear the clothes you desire
  • The satisfaction of reaching your goals
  • Achieving balance and courage to support you and your family again
  • Feel like a new version of you who has energy, laughs again and enjoys life
  • Feeling empowered in your journey to healing, nurturing and supporting yourself – no selfishness here.

I believe this program is just for you

Are you ready to reset your Hormones, Food cravings and Unhealthy habits, rebuild  your Thyroid at a cellular level while being supported by Louise Kerwin a passionate Functional Naturopath.

What previous participants have said about the nurturing your thyroid program:

Louise has devised a really comprehensive, easy to follow thyroid cleanse programme. My stumbling block has always been what to eat and when. Louise has produced a menu plan and provided the recipes for real food that’s easy to prepare as well as delicious. There are also mindfulness exercises and physical exercises to accompany the food. So, the whole body is gently detoxed and nourished. I highly recommend this thyroid programme for anyone interested in improving their health.

Gold Coast

I was so pleased to lose weight, I never knew I had hashimoto’s until I worked with Louise, she genuinely cared about how I was and listed to all my silly questions, even though she told me no question was silly. I learnt new recipes that I now love and are a staple at home for the family. It was good to know that Louise has been on this journey as well.
Julie E

Christchurch, NZ

Louise’s online courses are easy to follow, with lots of reading material with heaps of videos as well. I would (& have) highly recommend her services both online and her individual consultations. With Louise’s support and guidance, I am feeling the best me I have in a long time.

Central QLD

Before starting this program, I ate just whatever was in front of me without much thought. Now after Louise’s guidance I put more thought in to healthier options for my hormones but mostly for my poor thyroid. This program has helped me identify which foods were causing my raging mood swings at that time of the month, and I am so grateful that has gotten better. I now feel confidant to make additional changes rather than overwhelmed. Thank you Louise.


You can achieve results just like this

Payment plans available

February enrolment now closed!

Live Round Starts 3rd February  2022
so you can be focused, connected and the BEST version of you!

Upgrade and rebuild your cells with nourishing nutrition and high vibe food!

Achieve your lifelong health and well-being goals in small, easy steps during the 30 day online program and learn lifelong habits to keep you well, energetic and vibrant!

This online program am is all about helping YOU feel like YOU again and get back on the RIGHT way!

You will receive

Wholefood Cleanse Recipe guide with 21 delicious and wholesome, easy to prepare meals

A 19-page Nutrition and Lifestyle guide packed with information containing my top tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

4 x weekly  educational on-line group calls .

4 x sample meal plan guides

3x bonus ebooks to support your journey 



During the weekly sessions we will cover:

  Common toxins you and your family are exposed to as part of everyday living and how they are causing harm to your thyroid and hormone health  Toxicity and sugar How toxins create mineral deficiencies Toxicity and your hormones Staying toxin-free

My program will help you to:

  Have increased energy to do the things you love. Improve your skin for a clearer, glowing complexion. Enjoy deeper and refreshing sleep. Reduce food cravings for unhealthy food choices. Reduce fluid retention and bloating. Improve liver, gut, kidney and lymphatic function.

February enrolment now closed

Join our next program starting 3rd February 2022

to reclaim, restore and rejuvenate your health.

Investment $347.00