Muscles tense? Can’t get rid of the ‘ache’? How do you take a break from the stress and tensions brought on by daily activities, or the extra strain of a physically active life style.A good Therapeutic Massage is the answer. you may prefer  the long gliding strokes of a relaxation massage to  sooth tired aching muscles and encourage the body’s superficial fascial layers to unwind and relax. This softer touch is especially helpful for those who suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome; those who need the benefit of increased circulation that massage brings, but don’t tolerate deep pressure.

For the more intense discomfort caused by poor habitual postures and positions, repetitive motion injury, or the need to unwind from a hard physical day, Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage would be your answer. This form of  massage uses deeper pressure to massage and manipulate major muscle groups. If you have particular ‘spots’ of discomfort or trigger points, they can be addressed and relieved with direct pressure, leaving you  ready to face another day.

Which ever massage type you choose Relaxation , Remedial or  Deep Tissue, studies have shown that regular, thoughtful touch makes a difference to your nervous system, musculature and body rhythms and overall attitude.