Private Consults 


I consult with women around the world as an online and local Rockhampton naturopath kinesiologist and massage therapist. I’m dedicated to helping women struggling with: Hashimoto’s, hypo & hyperthyroid, endometriosis, PCOS, low energy or fatigue and those navigating the hormonal swings of peri-menopause to be inspired empowered and in love with life again.

And the best part is, I’m a local Rockhampton naturopath so I can see you from my home clinic in Frenchville, or you can work with me via Zoom from anywhere in the world!


  • Naturopath Packages start from $577.00
  • RAW energies Kinesiology sessions $165.00 or packages start from $465.00
  •  Initial Consult : $165.00 by application only 
  • Follow up consultations existing clients:  $100.00
  • Pathology fees vary
  • Hair 600 nutritional food sensitivity testing: $350.00
  • Herbs & Supplement prices vary

What Happens In A Consult?


    On your first visit, a comprehensive health assessment is performed exploring all of your body systems functioning, personal health history, family history, dietary assessment and lifestyle habits.

    Naturopathic consultations differ from orthodox medical appointments, as they are longer in duration and allow time for a full health assessment. The goal of your initial consultation is to find out as much information about your health so a naturopathic care plan can be tailored individual to your health needs.

    Naturopathic assessment will be performed to determine your nutritional status, health, vitality and underlying constitutional factors which affect your overall health and wellbeing. These tests may include a zinc taste test, nail and tongue analysis, iridology, blood pressure, and more.

    After testing has been completed (usually within 2-4 weeks), we meet for our third session and go through your Report of Findings, including explanation and interpretation of pathology and my recommended treatment plan going forward.

    For best results, longer-term support is recommended and regular follow-ups are encouraged to keep on track and monitor your ongoing progress.

          As your Rockhampton naturopath, I love supporting the local community. Whether face-to-face or online, you can continue to work with me for on-going professional        thyroid & hormone support, mentoring and coaching for as long as you require.


        I can offer assistance around the physical effects of hormonal imbalance if …

        • You know you have hashimoto’s or autoimmune condition;
        • you have endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS ;
        • you feel run-down or completely exhausted and don’t know why;
        • you are experiencing weight gain and are unable to ‘lose it’ ;
        • you suffer bloating, digestive issues or IBS;
        • you feel stressed, anxious, angry or depressed and need help coping;
        • you’re not sleeping, are getting hot flushes or are peri-menopausal.
        • you’ve lost your cycle or your cycle is irregular;
        • you’re concerned about acne, hair loss or facial hair;

        I can offer assistance around the mental and emotional effects of hormonal imbalance if …

        • you crave balance – of your hormonal cycle, your moods and your energy;
        • you are seeking a more natural or deeper connection to your body’s innate wisdom;
        • you would like to understand your body’s signs and symptoms and have them explained to you in simple terms;
        • you would like a high-level of on-going professional support.
        • Herb & Supplement prices vary.

        Nutritional Medicine

          The food we eat plays an integral role in our overall vitality and wellbeing. Some people require food sensitivity testing as a part of their treatment in order to pin point food triggers behind their presenting condition. We offer hair testing as well as blood tests at the time of your appointment to help you reach your goal faster.


            Intuitive + Energetic Readings

              For those interested in Mind-body medicine and the energetic impacts on your  current thyroid and hormonal health, I also offer intuitive guidance readings.

              Often our physical health is driven by underlying mental or emotional aspects or beliefs. These hidden aspects can sometimes sabotage our journey to wellness. Intuitive Readings offer an opportunity to uncover deeper aspects of your soul journey. They provide emotional guidance to help unlock barriers to health and facilitate your physical, mental, emotional and hormonal healing.


                lifestyle Coaching 

                  Stress and a fast-paced lifestyle don’t always marry up with feeling energetic and motivated for life. Lifestyle coaching is offered to all clients to keep the motivation going long after the appointment has ended. Learn everything you need to know about coping better with all the things you want to be do and have.  I’d love for you to remember how to have fun again.

                  Life’s not just about work work work, you have to make space for play and joy. I can teach you how.

                     DNA Testing In Clinic and Online


                    A new era of personalised health care | quick, easy, at-home or in-clinic testing

                    DNA testing allows us to “peek behind the curtain” at your genetic blueprint and see how variations in your genetic data may be playing a part in your cycle, mood, gut and overall hormone health.

                    Your kit comes with an oral swab which is simply rubbed on the inside of each cheek 10 times and you’re done. A reply-paid envelope is included to mail your sample back to the lab for processing.



                    Contact Details

                    Louise Kerwin Rockhampton  Naturopath | | 0416284893