to  Naturopathy  

Initial Consult $150.00

Extended Followup Consultation $95.00

Standard Followup Consultation $70.00

Wellness Bundle $340.00 three appointments- 1.Initial   2.In clinic testing including Thyroflex  3.Report of findings.

VIP Dream days  coming soon 



One Hour  $100.00          

One & half Hour  $140.00 Please call the clinic on 0416284893 to book 


RAW Energies Balancing 

$125.00 Session Personal

$150.00 Session Business

Business Mojo package $900.00 includes  $100 bonus QB followups.

Get your Mojo flowing package $500.00 includes a $50.00 Bonus emotions/fears released.


Hair Analysis          

$300.00 includes 15 min in clinic or  phone consult.