What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathic principles are based on treating each person’s own individual needs, by treating the whole person not just a symptom.

By looking at your physical health , mental and emotional health as well as signs and symptoms, past history, family history , I am able to get a better picture , ensuring a well rounded treatment to help you obtain well being, and optimum health.

Naturopathy uses may differing things to assess where you are currently, from Nutrition and diet , exercise and how much sunlight you see each day , to the quality of your water and stress levels.

Louise may use any of the following in your health care journey.

  • Iridology which is the study of the iris , pupil and sclera, which can show  the potential genetic heritage, and your personal traits. By identifying these issues we may be able to prevent, slow down and improve underlying health issues.
  • Nail, Tongue and hair analysis can show a range of nutritional deficiency’s and in conjunction with all other signs and symptoms create a picture of your health, and progress.
  • Herbal medicine is a traditional form of medicine and its origins stem from ancient cultures . It involves the medicinal qualities of herbs and plants to treat dis-ease thereby enhancing  general health ,well-being and bringing abut a sense of balance allowing the body’s own innate healing to take place.
  • Nutritional programs designed especially for you, which can help with a range of digestive disorders, strengthening the immune system , enhancing mood, reducing inflammation, fighting infection and calming the nervous system.

Sometimes testing is required, whether it is pathology, hair mineral analysis, Hair 500 Testing and Thyroflex testing. at additional cost.