Naturopathic massage series: neck

In this Naturopathic Massage post we are going to focus on our neck. This area is especially important for people with Thyroid and Hashimoto’s and also if you have a lot of neck pain. The intention is to help drain your lymphatic system, so we are working with sweeping movements towards the heart. Below I detail some great techniques for you to try at home.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Hydrating and nourishing creams / oils for your skin


Using one hand, place the edge of the thumb and pointer finger under your chin and the top of your neck, and run your hands smoothly down all the way to your breast plate. Repeat three times.

Next you will take both hands to the back of the neck. And with your fingers at the base of your skull, drag them down the back and side of your neck, round your collarbone and down to your chest.

Now using the opposite hand on each side of your neck, separate your fingers up behind your ears and apply a light touch, drag them down and around to your front.

Then, working with the same area, bring both hands to that starting point, fingers together this time, and with a little pressure bring them from the back to the front and down three times.

Place your finger tips at the top of your jaw bone where it meets your ear and move downward to your chest again.

Lastly, place a clasped hand on the top of your shoulder at the base of your neck and press with your fingers and drag on through. Sometimes a light thumping with a closed fist could also help relax it if you feel so inclined.

I have a short video that contains some more detail on what these techniques do specifically to each area, so before you go ahead, give this a quick view.