Naturopathic massage series: head

Welcome again to naturopathic massage. The technique I will instruct you through today is for relieving tension on your head and tight scalp! Yes, you hold a lot of tension in your scalp, you would be surprised how much your vibration will lift one you give this relaxing massage a go.


A comfortable seat


Start with your thumbs on either side of the back of the head, placing them on the soft tissue either side of the spinal cord behind your ears. Apply a soft pressure in circular motions, in rounds of three, moving towards your ears.

Once at your ears, cup them with spider-like fingers, apply a light pressure and move again in soft circular motions. You can also do this at your temples, before moving on to your cheekbones.

After your cheekbones, move down toward the jawline, this is a great one to release tension especially if you grind or grit your teeth.

Moving to the top of your head, at your hairline, using the same touch technique. Do a round of three before moving into either side of the top of the skull. Now you should be moving your scalp, not knotting your hair.

From here, interlace your fingers on the top of the crown of your head and lightly drag them in a downward motion, ending softly below your ear.

So there you have it! You will be amazed at how much more vibrant you feel once you do this. For a demo, follow this link to my youtube channel.