Naturopathic massage series: hands

Welcome to my top tips for naturopathic massage! We’re going to be focusing on the hands today. Our hands are so important, we use them every day from morning until night, so I definitely recommend treating yourself to an uplifting massage regularly. Click the image above to be taken to the video if you’d like to watch along as well.

Now it’s best to use nourishing and hydrating oils/creams or both. Remember, don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat! My favourites are Olive oil, Almond oil or Coconut oil. Essential oils are also therapeutic and stimulating. If you are looking for something relaxing then Lavender is great, or Sweet Orange for something joyful. Every technique I list below you are best to do in threes as it’s the magic calming number. Let’s begin!

Set yourself up somewhere comfortably seated with your choice of oils and/or creams.

Start at the base of your palms, and apply pressure with your fingertips towards your thumb until you reach the top. This part of the hand in reflexology relates to your lunges.

The centre of your palm relates to the pericardium, or heart area. It’s very good to use your thumb knuckle to rub in a circular motion here.

Next, move on to your forefinger, using a smooth pulling technique. Proceed to each finger, with special attention to massaging at your cuticles too. Every finger relates to a different body part on each hand, so it’s important you take your time.

Next, run your thumb knuckle on the back of your hand down each finger bone toward the wrist.

Lastly, massage in-between your thumb and forefinger, this spot, in particular, is really good for headaches and for your personal sense of self-worth in reflexology so really be gentle and loving here.

Once you’ve done one hand, move on to the other, nice and simple. You could really do this anywhere at any time throughout the day as needed.
For more specific details on this technique, click here to view my quick and easy tutorial.