Love Your Thyroid Naturally

Love your Thyroid how to get healthy naturally is THE ONLY wellness approach to thyroid disorders to get you back on track.

Know any other Program that is an easy way to get all the energy you need in under 3 months naturally?

Know any other Program that releases unwanted weight with clean eating without the use of pills and potions?

Know any other Program that looking at the whole body not just the physical, but the emotional, mental as well to achieve the results you desire?


Here are just some of the things you get when you decide to invest in the Be Healthy Series; Love your Thyroid how to get healthy naturally:

  • Downloadable worksheets to plan out your weekly meal plans so that you save hours of meal prep time
  • 8 x 30 min videos and power points
  • Meditations
  • Bonus Video program on Yoga for thyroid health
  • Step by step instructions on how to release physical, mental and emotional weight
  • Step by step guided program to help you gain the energy you want & release unwanted weight by balancing your Thyroid and adrenals

So grab your spot in the Be Healthy Series; Love your Thyroid how to get healthy naturally before the timer hits zero or be sad…very sad when you miss the chance.

Louise’s online courses are easy to follow, with lots of reading material with heaps of videos as well. I would (& have) highly recommend her services both online and her individual consultations. With Louise’s support and guidance, I am feeling the best me I have in a long time.

Rita T

Louise has devised a really comprehensive, easy to follow thyroid cleanse programme. My stumbling block has always been what to eat and when. Louise has produced a menu plan and provided the recipes for real food that’s easy to prepare as well as delicious. There are also mindfulness exercises and physical exercises to accompany the food. So, the whole body is gently detoxed and nourished. I highly recommend this thyroid programme for anyone interested in improving their health.

Anne B

Let’s pop the bubbly…

Today is May 1st, 2020 and it’s a moment you have been waiting for all your life.

You have watched, absorbed & implemented Be Healthy Series; Love your Thyroid how to get healthy naturally and now finally managed freedom from fatigue and releasing that excess weight

You feel lighter, more confident, you feel like you can take over the world You spend more time laughing with your family, you have more energy to run around with your kids doing the things you enjoy.
You will no longer be stressing over bills, in fact, an impromptu holiday is more up your ally nowadays

Imagine this day with me…

You wake up in the morning with increasing energy and a sense of well-being

As you sip your coffee you look in the mirror and beam at your reflection

And you start the day a new person, a better person..a person who says NO to excuses, problems, and hiccups. A person who is winning at this game of life.

Now, picture this…

What if there was something that allowed you to do this, to create this day, this life, this existence?

Because there IS…

With Be Healthy Series; Love your Thyroid how to get healthy naturally you can and WILL get Freedom from tiredness & release weight in as little as 8 weeks even if nothing has helped in the past
Now is your time and THIS is your chance.

The choice is yours to make.

**Enrolments now closed**

Full Investment – $997


Payment Plan of $249.25 weekly for 4 weeks

Course Curriculum Outline

Module 1
The different types of thyroid dysfunctions
What tests should I be asking for
Symptom lists
Bonus Breathing techniques

Module 2
Meal plans, Recipes, food journals, & everything
Gut health for thyroid dysfunction

Module 3
Supporting detoxification, lymphatics and why it matters.
Bonus meditations

Module 4
Movement – what is right for you
Bonus – Yoga for your thyroid

Module 5
Stress & adrenals all is not what you think
Why am I tired all the time, step by step instructions on how to release physical, mental and emotional stress.

Module 6
Happy Hormones
Peri-menopause & menopause
Moods, Moods, Moods
Food for happy hormones

Module 7
Self Care

Module 8
Herbs & supplements