Intuitive healer & Guide

 Healing from the Inside out

Often our physical health is driven by underlying mental or emotional aspects or beliefs. These hidden aspects can sometimes sabotage our journey to wellness. Louise tunes into what you need  and  helps you to  uncover deeper aspects of your soul journey. Louise then  provides the tools you can use and  emotional guidance to help unlock barriers to your health, guiding you on  your physical, mental, emotional  healing.

My process 

I use a mix of internal wisdom  and other tools for example ‘Healer within’  Kinesiology, emotion code, oracle, RAW energies and Australian Bush Flower, Bach Flower and medicinal plant energy to connect with, and help unlock, subconscious issues that may be circulating within your energetic body and impacting your physical health. 

sessions are all online, no matter where you are in the world 



3 SESSION  PACKAGE:  Empower and strengthen your energies 

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Rekindled Ancient Wisdom RAW

RAW is an energetic healing system that accesses all the wisdom contained within your cells, by opening you up to this wisdom we are able to clear beliefs, programmes, sabotages and suppressed emotions. Allowing your truth, personal power and integrity to shine forth. Using the energy  symbols to expand your consciousness, create better beliefs and perceptions and to be one with the creator, with no drama, misconceptions and  traumas clouding our truth  (M.Blackburn Lowery PhD)

Book in for your RAW energies balance to get your Mojo back – $150.00 online session 

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology 

This incorporates philosophies and ideas from Indian yogic knowledge, Traditional Chinese medicine and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This has evolved into a truly holistic method of understanding all types of imbalances that a person can have. It takes into account not only the physical presentation of the problem, but also the psychological and energetic aspects as well.

Kinesiology is about removing stress from all three aspects (physical, psychological and energetic or spiritual) of the holistic human being. Once stress is removed from the system, the individual’s system is able to find a new healthier equilibrium resulting in an increase in well being.