Hypothyroid Mum I’m at it again

How you do one thing is how you do everything

(Oh boy do I hear my mentor speaking to me in my ear, she would be so proud)

This one caught me off guard, I had no idea this is what I was doing, I had to go and have a look at where in my life as a nurturer this was true.

Well my work is one and I love my work; my patients came first, I would skip meals to be able to help someone or fit another thyroid patient in, and I would forget to drink, and this is not a good one. I would work crazy hours and I mean crazy – and I had to make changes as I was burning out fast (slow learner I did this 3 times) and my priority was to help and I can’t do that when I can’t look after myself.

I didn’t even realise the super mum that I am that the cats and kids got fed first, and when they were grown I made sure there was food to eat, washing done all before my own needs were met. (Hang on this sucks, looking at what I do… hmmm this has to change)

Others emotional needs oh boy here I go again, making sure their needs are met before mine, took me a long time to get this one, can you see the pattern? I didn’t, no wonder my thyroid kicked the bucket she was empty and crying at me and I just couldn’t hear her, I wasn’t paying attention to my own needs let alone my body.

Looking back it really is no surprise that I got hashimoto’s.

I had no voice, and I wasn’t honouring my own needs, wants or desires are dare I say it all I wanted was to be heard and acknowledged. My part was that I wasn’t listening either and that is why it can be so harsh.

The more I learned and studied the thyroid both physically and metaphysically I became aware that the thyroid is governed by the 5th chakra the centre of communication duh! Face palm, I said I was a slow learner, but once I got it, I got it!

When the throat chakra is blocked the energy flowing through it is not flowing, this can be seen as not having a voice, sore throat, reflux, tonsillitis, laryngitis or anything physically in the neck region.

When the thyroid is hyper think fast, fast talking, overwhelming, got to get your point across (I have been here too!) so I had to do a lot of work energetically, self-caring , nurturing and learning to find my voice and I am so glad I have.

Being able to finally express who I am makes my heart sing and I can now be who I am truly meant to be. Yes I am a nurturer, but I also am a romantic, manifestor a business woman, a mum, a grand- mum and so much more, now I have boundaries and a voice. I love my life, I still have to work on my autoimmune but it’s not so hard anymore it is a part of my life.

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