Healing in a different way, from the heart

When starting your thyroid and hormone healing journey, whether it is on a physical level, emotional, or spiritual
developing an attitude of patience and persistence allows us to make the most of the time it takes to reach our goals.
Often, we become frustrated when our efforts do not bring about immediate results or when we feel we have traveled so far
in our healing journey only to learn that we are just scratching the surface before we gain success,
then defining that success, as the meaning will change as you start to change.
Acknowledging where you are at, truly seeing where you have come from, and remembering to celebrate these small changes
helps you to grow and expand your heart.
Enjoy the process be in the now as patience allows you to be present in this moment and mindfully observe
the world around you, seen with new eyes and a new consciousness.
This consciousness is forever growing and changing as you continue to open and heal your heart, accepting yourself in all your forms.
Leaning into the new, unseen territory with a brave courageous heart.

This then allows inner healing to start, to find your voice and speak the language of love to yourself,
so you can hear your own whispers of your heart.

Lou xx