Emotional Wisdom

Emotional wisdom is a powerful ally in helping you create healthy relationships with yourself and also with others.

There was a long time where I buried my head in the sand and thought everything was ok, one way I dealt with emotions was to work, and work hard and long hours, and then I wouldn’t have to think or remember. I refused to deal with the difficult feelings that came up and I didn’t like conflict especially around my loved ones, but at the same time I didn’t like the conflict that was going on internally.

I finally decided to study kinesiology and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW) to help me get to the bottom of these stored memories that were causing so much internal conflict, that was over 8 years ago now, I work closely with a RAW practitioner when I feel things are getting on top of me again, or a new layer of suppressed memories rear there ugly head again. This process has be extremely beneficial for me but also those around me.

It has made me understand that emotional wisdom is a powerful ally in creating better health and wellness.

Stepping into our feelings with vulnerability, love, and kindness can help turn our emotional compass into a friend, instead of a foe. That’s because the more we push the bad feelings away, the more power they seem to hold over us.

As a Naturopathic functional medicine practitioner, mental/emotional health is one of the spokes in my wheel to good health that I focus on, and It deserves just as much time, effort and nourishment as physical health.

By disregarding our emotions or lacking in self-compassion or the compassion of others we close ourselves off to love, self-expression, an internal wisdom and truth of who we are. We then contribute to physical manifestations of ill-health and dis_ease.

These can be anything from allergies, poor gut health, chronic pain and fatigue, fear, anxiety, depression, liver issues, gallbladder issues, back and hip pain and so on.

What emotions are you constantly pushing away?

Do you always dwell on the past or worry about the future?

And what beliefs do you have about your life that continue to hold you back?

Addressing these questions with Rekindled Ancient Wisdom can lead to profound breakthroughs in your emotional wisdom, resilience and wellbeing. This can then lead you on a path to wellness on every level.

Emotional wisdom, or the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions, has numerous connections to our overall wellbeing.

Research shows us it even has an important outcome on physical health. This study was looking at renal health patients “These findings suggest to develop coaching programs aimed at strengthening nephropathy patients’ emotional responses to uncertainty; in this way, it could be possible to observe an improvement in patients’ quality of life.” (Nadia Barberis1)

It’s clear that our emotional state can affect our physical one.

In clinic I practice with the principles of Naturopathic Functional Medicine, I gain the greatest benefit when taking a look at the whole picture, the body and mind as one. When we begin to appreciate ourselves from a different perspective of compassion, honesty, and love, we can break through limiting feelings and gain a deeper understanding of working with our emotions instead of against them.

Nurturing your emotional health not only benefits your overall wellness, it benefits those around you as well.

Are you ready to take that next step, and book a Rekindled Ancient Wisdom appointment to see how I can help you achieve balance in your life, by looking at your whole picture?