Naturopathic massage series: neck

In this Naturopathic Massage post we are going to focus on our neck. This area is especially important for people with Thyroid and Hashimoto’s and also if you have a lot of neck pain. The intention is to help drain your lymphatic system, so we are working with sweeping movements towards the heart. Below I […]

Naturopathic massage series: head

Welcome again to naturopathic massage. The technique I will instruct you through today is for relieving tension on your head and tight scalp! Yes, you hold a lot of tension in your scalp, you would be surprised how much your vibration will lift one you give this relaxing massage a go. Preparation: A comfortable seat […]

Naturopathic massage series: hands

Welcome to my top tips for naturopathic massage! We’re going to be focusing on the hands today. Our hands are so important, we use them every day from morning until night, so I definitely recommend treating yourself to an uplifting massage regularly. Click the image above to be taken to the video if you’d like […]

Naturopathic massage series: feet

Welcome to naturopathic massage! I’ll take you through some basic massage techniques for your feet – click the image above to be taken to the video if you’d like to watch along as well. Your feet carry you around so it’s important we take very good care of them. Some helpful tips to remember before […]