How Blood Sugars Can Affect Hormone Health

A lot of people don’t realise they may have a blood sugar issue. It can be really interesting when you start looking at some of the indicators which show that we need to focus on balancing our blood sugars, because if they aren’t balanced then we can have a whole lotta issues with cortisol! Some […]

Xenoestrogens, Hormones and Thyroid Health

Let’s talk for a moment about xenoestrogens and how it impacts on thyroid disorder. When working with the thyroid, decreasing the amount of xenoestrogen exposure is one of key things we tackle, because they can be the cause of increased thyroid symptoms as they tend to block thyroid uptake. Our pituitary is telling our thyroid […]

Food Sensitivities, Inflammation & Your Thyroid

Lately there has been a run of clients in my clinic all focusing on gut health – namely food sensitivities and allergies. What we don’t often realise is just how much inflammation that actually creates in the body, leading to an increase in lymphatic fluid as well as your general size and weight – I’m […]

Love your lymphatics to lose weight

Did you know that ignoring your lymphatic system can actually contribute to weight gain?! The lymphatic system is our fluid-based waste system of the body. This fluid is outside of our cells and all in between our tissues. And when these fluid channels get really clogged and congested, we often notice it in our legs, […]

Naturopathic massage series: head

Welcome again to naturopathic massage. The technique I will instruct you through today is for relieving tension on your head and tight scalp! Yes, you hold a lot of tension in your scalp, you would be surprised how much your vibration will lift one you give this relaxing massage a go. Preparation: A comfortable seat […]

Naturopathic massage series: hands

Welcome to my top tips for naturopathic massage! We’re going to be focusing on the hands today. Our hands are so important, we use them every day from morning until night, so I definitely recommend treating yourself to an uplifting massage regularly. Click the image above to be taken to the video if you’d like […]

Naturopathic massage series: feet

Welcome to naturopathic massage! I’ll take you through some basic massage techniques for your feet – click the image above to be taken to the video if you’d like to watch along as well. Your feet carry you around so it’s important we take very good care of them. Some helpful tips to remember before […]