Autumn is here

Autumn is upon us now, the sun is not as strong as it has been so it is important to be out for at least half an hour each day to top up the vitamin D .

One perfect way for this is take a walk but it is still a bit hot so I enjoy spending some time in the garden ( lol, seeing what my possum has eaten this time) .There are so many ways to be outdoors so choose your favorite.

Autumn is a time of transition, of letting go of what we no longer require. Using breath to breathe in change and breathe out negativity, stress & old baggage. As we embrace this shift in weather we should also embrace the shift in our consciousness.

Just as we dust off the boots and jackets hehe (depends on how cold that one week of winter gets) getting ready

to keep our bodies warm and begin to alter our styles of food to include more cooked and warming foods , so too it becomes necessary to shift our consciousness.

Check in on your chakras, what needs your awareness and attention. As you breathe in and out, take notice of how your breath is flowing, are there any blockages? If so where are they?

Check in on your thoughts, what are you feeding your mind????

How are you feeling about yourself and your place in the world?

When we truly become aware of ourselves and move into alignment with the changes of Mother Earth and her cycles and embrace them fully our consciousness begins to shift automatically then our senses become enlivened to the new energies that surround us which then become awakened within us and we then pay attention to them..

Honour yourself …

Become the change ….

Live the change