About Me

Hi, I am Louise, a mum, and a yaya (grandma) in no particular order, and I have been where you are.

I was told for years that all my symptoms and there were many were all in my head; the fatigue that made washing my hair and brushing my teeth difficult, the multiple miscarriage’s, losing words and having to keep notes, the weight-gain that came just looking at food so nothing fit me anymore to at its worst unable to put one foot in front of the other and to be told this was normal for a busy mum (yeah, I don’t think so).

I looked sick, I was puffy everywhere and even went yellow at times and when I look back at photos, I just cry… I had to do something so I researched and studied on what could possibly be going on, I tried so many different ways of eating just to get on top of things so I could look after my kids better. From the GAPS to various cleanses gahhhh… some of those were so bad I knew there had to be a better way.

I was studying kinesiology at the time and I was doing pathophysiology (big word for body systems) and how thoughts and emotions reflected in the body as a dis-ease and it wasn’t until then that I realised that I wasn’t going nuts and I did have a thyroid dis-ease called Hashimoto’s.

So, I did what I did best and delved in further into study and learned all I could (and I keep on acquiring knowledge I can’t help myself) on how all the body mind and spirit is connected and then delved into hormones, hashimoto’s, graves and thyroid disorders.

I practiced on myself and started to see improvement, my size changed, the puffiness was gone, and my fatigued improved, I knew I still had further to go but this was a massive change and I started dancing 3 times a week, It was so much fun. Then I had another autoimmune flare and it all came crumbling down argh… was an understatement no more dancing and the fatigue was unbearable and I knew it was time to start diving deeper, into my past traumas, emotions and spiritual aspects of who I am, as this also plays a big role in how well my thyroid was functioning.

I still work on this aspect of myself daily as I see the changes develop in my behaviour energy levels, mindset and internal and external strength and I am amazed at how simple yet complex this is.

It is my passion to support, nurture, inspire and simplify Thyroid disorders and autoimmune so you can learn to heal from the inside out and experience loving life again.

I have a great ‘tool box’ to work with, to be able to support you as a whole person and not a disease as you are more than that!

With my training in naturopathic functional medicine, RAW energies- energetic kinesiology, Naturopathic kinesiology, clinical aromatherapy, massage and so much more, I can support you on breaking the cycle, no matter how complex. So you can step into your authentic power, feel satisfied, peaceful, and successful, becoming the leader of your own amazing life.