I am a passionate naturopath based in Rockhampton Central Queensland



I hear from many mum’s that they feel tired all the time  and  they get told it’s normal for a mum to feel tired , but you have a niggling feeling that it isn’t normal. You have been told that you are fine and your  bloods are ‘within range ‘ what does that even mean i hear you say.

The feeling of utter exhaustion that no amount of sleep ,  coffee or  chocolate makes a difference. Your hair is falling out, periods are all over the place, you feel guilty for yelling at the kids, then beat yourself up about it and to top everything off you just have to look at food to gain weight.

You are doing everything right- eating  right, exercising  more, drinking  more water  and nothing is helping- what else can I do I hear you say…


Hi, my name is Louise Kerwin and I have been where you are, I was told for years that all my symptoms and there were many, were normal for a busy mum, and it wasn’t until i started studding  (20 yrs ago) that I realised that I wasn’t going nuts and I did have an autoimmune  thyroid dis-ease called Hashimoto’s.

So I did extra study and learned all I could (and I keep on acquiring knowledge)  on hashimoto’s, graves and thyroid disorders, so I can share my knowledge  and wisdom with my mum’s- women,  men and kids.

It is my passion to support , nurture, inspire and simplify  Thyroid disorders and autoimmune so you can learn and experience  loving  life again.


I have a great ‘tool box’ to work with, to be able to support you as a whole person and not a disease as you are more than that. I enjoy solving a mystery and getting to the root cause of complex cases.

With my training in naturopathic functional medicine, RAW energies, kinesiology,clinical aromatherapy, massage and so much more, so   I can get to the root cause of the issue you may have, no matter how complex.